• Walking Your Dog

    Dog owners, please pick up after your dog. Please do your part and clean up after your dog. If your are ging to walk your dog in the community, be Read More
  • Trash Cans

    Please keep trash can tops placed on trash cans. FEHOA fines can will be enforced also municipal fines fines can be imposed. Read More
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Wednesday, November 19

Please come and hear from the H.O.A. Board and the Committees about what is happening in your community. Give your input during the open forum. Your presence and your voice are needed.

As always the meeting will be held from 7pm - 8pm at the Clubhouse, 4511 Moravia Run Way.

  • Help Wanted

    F.E. H.O.A. is accepting proposals from licensed compaines to receive our 2015 contract for lanscaping of the common areas with the community. If you or anyone you know is interested, please the F.E. H.O.A. president, Mr. Garry Amie. Read More
  • Fences & Sheds

    Yes we are still discussing fences! However, this topic will finally come to a resolution.  All eligible homeowners who are up to date on their H.0.A. fees, will be able to cast their vote on making changes to the Covenant regarding fences. The board understands the concerns on this topic. We have decided to put this topic to rest by Read More
  • Walking Your Dog

    Dog owners, please pick up after your dog. Please do your part and clean up after your dog. If your are ging to walk your dog in the community, be respectful and carry something to put your dog's waste it. Please keep in mind that dog fecies acts as a Read More
  • Zumba Classes

    Are you interested in taking a Zumba class? One your neigbors is looking for a group of people interested in Taking Zubma classes at the FE Clubhouse. Read More
  • Your New Website

    Welcome to your new Frankford Estates Home Owners Association website. The development has only just begun but we hope you like what you have seen thus far. Read More
  • Tutors Wanted

    Callling all retired teachers! The H.O.A. is looking for a few homeowners who retired teachers or indivdulas who would like to tutor our children in the community ffor 2014-2015 school year. If your are intereseted please contact the H.O.A. board at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Read More
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Get Involved


Our Community is only as successful as we make it. By getting involved, you can make a real difference in your community. Whether you're up for a big a commitment like serving on the Board of Directors, or a something less time consuming like participating in one of our committees your involvement can make a difference.

Getting involved is as simple as coming to a meeting. We strongly encourage homeowners to come. If your not able to come to a meeting but still want to contribute your talents contact us and we can work together to find the right fit. We need your involvement, your presence and your voice.


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